Beyond Tomorrow

Beyond Tomorrow

Runtime1h 24min
DirectorBrett Ryan Bonowicz
Rating94% 6.5 (1k)


Gunny Scarfo
Carol Scarfo
Wernher von Braun
Roy Scarfo
Dandridge Cole


Beyond Tomorrow (1940) is a romantic fantasy film written, produced, and directed by A. Edward Sutherland. The movie stars C. Aubrey Smith, Harry Carey, and Richard Carlson, alongside a number of other notable actors. A love story with a twist, Beyond Tomorrow follows the paths of three strangers who are all struggling with loneliness. When they unexpectedly come together, they discover the power of friendship and true love. The trio must then race against time to reunite two lost lovers and discover the secret of the afterlife.

Discussion of how the movie was received by audiences and critics

When Beyond Tomorrow was first released in 1940, audiences and critics alike were captivated. Many praised the film for its romantic, yet realistic portrayal of life. One critic even remarked that it captured the hearts of all who watched it. But not everyone was convinced. Some felt the movie was too slow-paced and lacked a real emotional punch. Critics had mixed opinions, with some calling it a classic, while others thought it was just okay. Ultimately, it was a movie that divided audiences and critics, with each side having its own valid opinion.


What themes can we expect to experience in the movie Beyond Tomorrow? Of course, the most prominent of these is love, in all its forms; between family members, friends and even strangers. But the movie also examines friendships, and the joy and sorrow that come with it. Mortality is also a key theme, exploring how death can bring both sorrow and joy. We can also expect to see themes of hope, of refusing to give up, and of living life to the fullest.

Analysis of how these themes are conveyed in the movie

One of the most interesting things about Beyond Tomorrow (1940) is the way it conveys its themes. The movie tells a story of three angels who come to earth and show three people the power of love and friendship. The angels use their supernatural abilities to bring out the best in each person, conveying the importance of cherishing what we have.

This idea is further explored in the movies use of symbolism. For example, the angels arrive in a plane, symbolizing the journey of life, and their mission is to spread a message of hope, light, and joy. These themes are further explored in the conversations between the characters and the music, which is both uplifting and soulful. Ultimately, Beyond Tomorrow is a powerful story of hope and redemption, and its themes are conveyed in a truly inspiring way.

Discussion of how the love between the main characters is depicted

How is the love between the main characters depicted in Beyond Tomorrow (1940)? Its actually quite moving. We see the two characters, Richard and Helen, slowly fall in love with each other over the course of the film.

Their relationship is tender and sweet, and we can see the joy they bring to each others lives. Richards face lights up when he sees Helen, and Helen is clearly smitten with his kind and generous spirit.

The scene where they dance together in the snow is particularly heartwarming, and its clear that they are in love.

Its a beautiful love story that speaks to the power of true love and friendship, and its one that will stay with you for a long time after the credits roll.

Exploration of how the characters’ love develops over the course of the movie

Love is a complicated emotion, and its no different in the 1940 movie, Beyond Tomorrow. The film follows three ghosts who return to Earth to help two young lovers find one another. But how exactly does their love develop?

One way this love develops is through the ghosts interventions. They give the lovers small gifts that bring them closer together. They also lead them to a fortune-teller who predicts their future together.

Another way the lovers love is explored is through their conversations. While the ghosts are involved in their love story, the lovers are talking to each other, getting to know each other better.

The love between the two characters is fascinating to watch as it grows over the course of the movie. With each intervention, the ghosts bring the couple closer and closer together. In the end, their love is strong enough to surmount even death.

Explanation of how the theme of friendship is explored in the movie

Friendship is a powerful theme explored in the 1940 movie Beyond Tomorrow. But what does this movie have to say about friendship? Lets explore.

In the movie, three strangers are brought together by a mysterious force, and must learn to trust each other in order to make it through their journey. Through shared experiences, they form a bond of friendship that is tested in the face of danger.

The movies message is clear: friendship can help us overcome our differences, no matter how scary they may seem. Its a powerful reminder that our differences can be a source of strength and unity, rather than a source of fear and division.

Analysis of how the characters’ friendships are strengthened over the course of the movie

As we watch the characters of Beyond Tomorrow, we cant help but admire the strength of their friendships. Throughout the movie, we see them building strong relationships with each other as they face a variety of obstacles together. From the moment they meet, the characters are drawn together by a sense of mutual understanding and camaraderie. They help each other in times of need, and eventually, their friendship is so strong that it transcends even death. So, how have these characters managed to build such a powerful bond in such a short amount of time?

Examination of how the theme of mortality is addressed in the movie

Mortality is a central theme in Beyond Tomorrow, as it is with many classic films of the 1940s. Have you ever wondered how this silent, yet powerful, theme is explored in the movie? Lets take a closer look and examine how the movie addresses mortality.

The primary characters in the film are three elderly millionaires, and their interactions with an angelic stranger serve as a reminder of the fragility of life and of the inevitability of death. In a particularly poignant scene, the millionaires daughter contemplates her own mortality, asking, What is life but a dream?

The conclusion of Beyond Tomorrow offers a comforting resolution of acceptance and hope, as the characters come to terms with their mortality and embrace the afterlife. As such, the movie provides a thought-provoking exploration of mortality and a reminder of the importance of cherishing every moment.

Analysis of how the characters cope with the idea of death

Death is a concept that we all must come to terms with, but for the characters in Beyond Tomorrow, coping with the idea of death is especially difficult. How do they go about dealing with this difficult topic?

One of the characters, Bob, takes a more contemplative approach, spending a great deal of time reflecting on his own mortality. He begins to reassess his life and the choices he has made.

Another character, Harry, finds solace in his faith and uses prayer and religious study to cope with his fears of death.

Finally, Chris takes a more practical approach, using her knowledge of the afterlife to help her process her feelings about death. She is able to accept death in a way that the other two characters are unable to.

Ultimately, each character finds their own way of dealing with the idea of death, be it through contemplation, faith, or practicality.


Beyond Tomorrow (1940) is a romantic fantasy film directed by A. Edward Sutherland and starring Harry Carey, C. Aubrey Smith, and Charles Winninger. The story follows three wealthy men who, on the night of their Christmas Eve party, make a pact to help a struggling young couple find each other. The film is remembered for its charming performances and its dream-like atmosphere. Its a classic example of Hollywoods Golden Age of romantic fantasy, and its themes of love, friendship, and giving are still relevant today. The movie also features a memorable score by composer John Leipold. In the end, the couple find each other, the wealthy men receive their reward, and the audience is left with a heartwarming message of hope.

Reflection on the lasting impact of the movie

One cannot reflect on the lasting impact of the movie Beyond Tomorrow (1940) without considering its status as one of the first science fiction films released in the United States. The genre was still in its infancy at this point, and its remarkable to consider how much the film managed to accomplish with the resources available.

The movies influence extends beyond the world of science fiction, though. It marked a major turning point in the way that the motion picture industry viewed special effects. Its groundbreaking work in this area paved the way for a revolution in visual storytelling that continues to this day.

Ultimately, Beyond Tomorrow stands as a testament to the power of creativity and innovation. Its influence has been felt far and wide, and its likely that its impact will continue to be felt for many years to come.


I enjoyed Beyond Tomorrow because it was a good movie about the afterlife

I recommend Beyond Tomorrow for anyone who loves a good science-fiction drama

I like Beyond Tomorrow movie because it is a classic romance movie that follows the story of two strangers who are brought together by fate and eventually fall in love

Beyond Tomorrow is unique due to its blend of science fiction and horror elements

Beyond Tomorrow is fantastic movie for the reason that it features a unique story that explores the idea of life after death

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