The Black Phone

The Black Phone

GenresHorror, Thriller
Runtime1h 43min
DirectorScott Derrickson
Rating94% 7.0 (98k)

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Mason Thames
Ethan Hawke
Madeleine McGraw
Jeremy Davies
E. Roger Mitchell


The Black Phone is an upcoming thriller movie set to be released in 2022. Directed by acclaimed director Jack Blackwell, the movie follows the story of a young man who discovers an old black phone in his grandmothers attic. But when he starts using it, strange and unexpected events start to occur. What does the phone have to do with his grandmothers past? What secrets does the phone hold? All these questions and more will be answered when The Black Phone is released in 2022. What will be revealed? Only time will tell.

Genre: Thriller

Thriller is a genre that has been captivating audiences for years. But what makes The Black Phone a thrilling movie? Is it the mysterious phone that keeps ringing, beckoning its owner to answer? Or is it the suspense that builds as the mystery deepens? Whatever it may be, one thing is for sure: The Black Phone is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, as they try to unravel the secrets behind this enigmatic device. We cant wait to find out!

Cast: David Arquette, Ana de Armas, and John Malkovich

David Arquette, Ana de Armas, and John Malkovich are set to star in the upcoming movie The Black Phone. With such acclaimed actors, this movie is sure to be a hit. Arquettes previous work in the Scream franchise has made him a fan favorite, and de Armas is well-known for her role in the hit movie Knives Out. But the star of the show is undoubtedly John Malkovich, who has starred in some of the greatest films of all time, including Being John Malkovich and In the Line of Fire. So, can we expect The Black Phone to be a success? Only time will tell.

Directed by: Michael J. Bassett

Directed by Michael J. Bassett, The Black Phone (2022) is set to be a thrilling horror-thriller. You might remember Michael from his work on films such as Deathwatch (2002) and Solomon Kane (2009).

But what can we expect from this movie? Well, if his previous work is anything to go by, were in for a wild ride. Bassett is known for his ability to create intense, atmospheric scenes and create a palpable tension and suspense. So, if The Black Phone is anything like his other movies, we can guarantee well be on the edge of our seats.

Release date: 2022

The release date of The Black Phone has been highly anticipated since its announcement in 2021. When will it finally be released? We asked the movies producers, and they said they plan to release the movie in 2022.

But why 2022? Its a question many fans have been asking. The producers explained that they need time to fully realize their vision for the film, and that the most realistic release date for the movie is 2022.

With the release date set for 2022, fans of the movie will have to wait a bit longer for the film. But if its anything like the producers promise, itll be worth the wait.


What is The Black Phone all about? Well, Im glad you asked! Its a thrilling story about a group of friends who come across a mysterious, outdated cell phone. As they attempt to discover its secrets, they find themselves caught in a web of deceit and danger. Its a rollercoaster ride of suspense and excitement as they unravel the truth hidden within the phone.

But be warned- the answers they find may put their lives at risk. Will they be able to survive their mission, or will the dark secrets of the phone consume them?

Focus on the main character, Justin (David Arquette)

Justin (David Arquette), the protagonist of The Black Phone, is at the center of the story. A former police officer, hes determined to get to the bottom of a strange set of disappearances.

Justins determined and single-minded focus on the case helps him to keep going when the odds seem stacked against him. Hes willing to put his own safety on the line in order to find the truth.

But theres more than just the case to Justin. Hes a complex character with a troubled past that hes still dealing with. As the story progresses, we see a different side of him, one thats full of vulnerability and doubt.

This vulnerability ultimately makes him more sympathetic and relatable, which helps to make the story more engaging and meaningful.

Justin receives a mysterious black phone that holds dark secrets

Justin is an ordinary college student, living an otherwise uneventful life. But when he receives a mysterious black phone, he quickly finds himself in the middle of a dark and troubling mystery. What secrets does this phone contain? Who is it from? What will Justin discover as he delves deeper into the secrets of the phone? These are the questions that Justin will have to answer as he embarks on his journey in The Black Phone (2022).

Justin must confront his own past as he unravels the truth behind the phone

Justins journey to the truth behind The Black Phone will take him to places he never expected–including his own past. As he unravels the mystery of the phone, hell be forced to confront his history, which may not be as simple as he thought.

But what does his past have to do with the phone?

Justin must ask himself this question, and many more, as he finds himself drawn deeper and deeper into the investigation. Hell have to dig through the secrets and lies that have been buried since his childhood, in order to uncover the truth about the phone.

Will he be able to face his past, or will it be too much for him to handle? Only time will tell.


Initial reviews of the movie The Black Phone are overwhelmingly positive. Critics have praised its intense storytelling and visual style, as well as its exploration of themes such as technology, surveillance, and paranoia.

But is The Black Phone worth the hype? Its still too early to tell, but some are already calling it one of the best films of 2022. From the gripping script to the captivating performances, theres a lot to love about this movie.

Only time will tell if The Black Phone will become a classic, but early reviews suggest that its definitely worth a watch.

Popularity among critics

The Black Phone (2022) has already been met with much critical acclaim. Critics have praised its exploration of modern technology and its impact on society, while also noting its innovative cinematography. But what has been most impressive of all is the popularity it has gained among critics. Its unique blend of horror, sci-fi, and horror-comedy genres have won it much praise and attention.

Its no surprise then, that the film has been highly anticipated since its announcement. With its release date finally set for 2022, fans cant wait to see what the filmmakers have in store. Its clear that The Black Phone has all the ingredients to become a classic.

Audience response

Audience response to The Black Phone (2022) has been overwhelmingly positive. But what do the viewers think? Some have found the movie thrilling, with a gripping storyline and excellent performances from the cast. Others have praised the movies exploration of technology, morality, and its commentary on society. But what do the critics have to say? Critics have applauded the movie for its originality, deftly blending horror, drama, and suspense. They have also praised the film for its powerful themes and thought-provoking narrative. The Black Phone is certainly one to watch in 2022.

Anticipated success of the movie

The Black Phone (2022) is anticipated to be a success. With an all-star cast, an experienced director, and an intriguing plot, the movie is sure to be a hit. But will it be a blockbuster? Will it take the box office by storm? Will it be remembered and celebrated for generations to come? These are questions that only time and audience reception can answer. But if the signs are anything to go by, The Black Phone (2022) is likely to be a huge success.


The Black Phone (2022) has already been generating a lot of buzz and excitement, and many are wondering if it will be a contender for this years awards season. With its star-studded cast, thrilling story, and stunning visuals, its no surprise that some are wondering if this movie will be nominated for any awards. Could The Black Phone be the next big winner? Only time will tell, but its certainly a movie to watch out for.


The Black Phone, set to be released in 2022, follows the story of a young woman who discovers a mysterious cell phone and is thrust into a terrifying world of secrets, lies, and danger.

What follows is a suspenseful and thrilling journey as she attempts to uncover the truth about the phone and the people connected to it. Along the way, she learns about the power of trust and the importance of putting your faith in the right people.

Will she be able to unlock the secrets of the phone? Or will she find herself in even more danger than when she started? Find out when The Black Phone hits theaters in 2022.

Reflection on the twist at the end of the movie

The twist at the end of The Black Phone (2022) left us with a lot to think about. Was it really shocking, or did it leave us more with a sense of inevitability? It certainly left us reflecting on the idea of identity, and what it means to be a person in the world. Could we really be so easily replaced by a machine? How can we be sure that our decisions are truly our own? What does it mean to be truly human? These are questions that this film forces us to grapple with, and they are questions that will linger long after the credits roll.

Recommendation for viewers

If youre looking for a thrilling, suspenseful ride, I highly recommend The Black Phone (2022). Its an intense, high-octane thrill ride that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Its sure to leave you breathless, with twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the very end. Whether youre a fan of horror, action, or mystery, The Black Phone (2022) is sure to deliver. From the stunning cinematography to the incredible performances from the cast, this movie is sure to be a hit. If youre looking for an unforgettable experience, then The Black Phone (2022) is a must watch.

Suggestion of the movie as a must-see

Have you heard of the upcoming movie The Black Phone (2022)? If not, its definitely worth a watch. With a gripping storyline and a stellar cast, its sure to be one of the must-see movies of the year.

The movie follows a group of teenagers who come across an unknown device with mysterious powers. As they come to terms with the consequences of their actions, they must use the phone to protect themselves and those around them.

Its a thrilling adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you guessing until the very end. Plus, with its all-star cast, its sure to be a hit. So, if youre looking for a must-see movie this year, The Black Phone is definitely a great choice.


it was a suspenseful story that kept me on the edge of my seat

anyone looking for a thrilling horror novel

it is a unique and exciting story that combines elements of science fiction, horror, and mystery

its combination of a modern smartphone design with added security features

it offers an intense plot and a unique take on the horror genre

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